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BEIJING, Nov. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Achain confirmed to collaborate with the Android Studio Community to make learning of the blockchain technology more accessible to developers.

Achain is a global blockchain network committed to promoting a boundless blockchain reality through a structured ecosystem. It implements leading technologies, such as smart contract sandbox and DPOS distributed consensus mechanism, since 2015.

Its recent partner, Android Studio's Chinese Fan Community, is an open platform for all users of Android Studio in China, Android's official IDE. Developers can share and access tips, solutions, instructions, open sources, translated literature, and more, on the community's online forum. Founded in May 2013, it is one of the largest mobile developer communities today, attracting an average of 250,000 daily active users.

AchainXAndroid Studio: Built to be Boundless

As a pioneer of in-depth research and development in its field, Achain announced its plan of providing the Android Studio community members with professional tips and tutorials on cutting-edge blockchain technology. At the same time, the Android Studio community proposed to devote an entire section of its platform to Achain, releasing first-hand reports and information about the development of the project.

The highlight of this collaboration was the mutual commitment to co-organizing a professional contest among developers and enthusiasts alike. Both sides believed the event to be beneficial in fostering interest and in developing technological skills among preeminent developers of current generation.

"We share a mutual philosophy of openness," asserted Tony Cui, founder of Achain, "which lies at the heart of P2P sharing economy. It calls on the entire society to actively participate in the truly boundless blockchain future."

Cui appreciated and highly regarded the opportunity for collaboration as a cornerstone to fulfill Achain's future plan: constructing a more intelligent, interconnected, and innovative blockchain system. He also hoped for future bonding with wider communities and teaming with other leading projects in the field.

Now, Achain is expanding internationally, with multiple branches and projects already established in Europe, North America, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and Kenya. It currently serves as a popular blockchain platform for applications of various industries, such as decentralized credit rating, financial consultation, and investment robo-advisor.


LinkEye is an independently researched and developed solution of credit investigation through data sharing and alliance building. It seamlessly integrates the Blockchain technology into traditional economic analysis by sharing among isolated credit databases an active record of parties of low credit scores. LinkEye delivers a reliable and widely available credit investigating system, which unifies all credit facilities, reinforces the existing credit structure, and eliminates potential systematic prejudices.

Having gathered elitist professionals from the fields of both credit and loan and the Blockchain technology, LinkEye emerges as the most productive Blockchain-empowered credit investigating and data sharing platform in the current market. It is highly valued for its innovation of 8 unprecedentedly efficient features and its strategic alliances with a multitude of other credit facilities.

Official Website:

The blockchain nowadays serves as the platform for the operation of smart contracts. Business planning, when realized through smart contracts, becomes universally recognized, encrypted to unalterable, and protected from hackers and network crashes.

But unlike the currently available blockchain solutions, such as Ethereum, and Hyperledger, Achain is a newborn platform that can be accessible on a large, commercial scale. It is a cutting-edge, enterprise level smart contracts solution that can inspire various industries to transplant their traditional applications to a decentralized “brave new world” run under smart contracts. It stands for a future that is more globalized, modular, and innovative than ever before.

Here’s a sneak peek to all the secrets behind Achain:

An Approachable Developer Tool
The user-friendly developer tool offered by the Achain platform truly appeals to developers of all levels of experience. Vigorously made for contract writing, compilation, registration, system calling, and more, Achain’s developer tool comprehensively facilitates with the process of smart contract management.

Glua, an Efficient Programming Language
Glua,originally derived from Lua, a commonly used language for computer games, is built into Achain as its designated programming language for smart contracts. The Glua language syntax and its API interface systematically encompasses a wide range of functions ranging from writing the contracts’ global function parameters, to building their frameworks and callable external libraries.

A Blockchain Browser for Accurate Tracking
The Achain blockchain browser encapsulates the open and the transparent qualities of the blockchain technology: It makes it possible for users to efficiently and precisely track down to every single transaction, contract, and system call.

Event Notification for Better Correspondence On and Off the Chain
An effective communication and feedback mechanism is particularly crucial to maintaining the ties between events on the blockchain and those in real life. Achain’s Event Notification mechanism allows for seamless data communications and interactions for this purpose.

Sandbox Simulation for Comprehensive Experimentation
Achain also supports sandbox simulation, a local mechanism that permits users to gratuitously test their contracts locally with full authorization to the chain. This feature not only significantly reduces users’ cost of testing their contracts but also prevents potential unqualified contracts from being introduced onto the chain.

In short, Achain’s innovations have significantly brought the smart contract technology closer to fulfilling real life applications, as it was most recently beta-tested to be used for the purposes of insurance marketing, credit verification, copyright protection, and much more. Achain provides a user-friendly, secure, and flexible development environment and platform for enterprise level distributed applications.

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