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« on: February 09, 2018, 07:21:26 PM »
1、Kcash 2.0开发已完成,正在测试中;
2、钱包新上线CFC、HOTC、AIL 3个币种;








Kcash Weekly Report (20180202)
Product update:
1. 95% of development for Kcash Wallet V 2.0 has been finished, it is in the test now.
2. Wallet has added new 3 tokens: CFC, HOTC, ALL, removed 1 token: GTP
3. Function of promotion and users invitation to get rewards has gone live and it is in progress
4. Fix and optimize the Bugs of incomplete transaction amount in transaction records of BTC
5. Fix and optimize the Bugs of sequencing problem in transaction records of ETH
● For the moment, Kcash wallet supports 89 digital assets!
Kcash has won “Best Product of the Year” at “China Blockchain Annual Ranking Ceremony in 2017–2018”
On February 3, 2018, “China Blockchain Annual Ranking Ceremony in 2017–2018” was held in Shanghai. At the meeting, Kcash’s COO Fandi Meng introduced Kcash’s product model and ecological planning. Kcash V 2.0 wallet will be released soon, and a new page called Discover will be added into wallet during the update process, which is similar to various interfaces of Alipay.
Market activities
1. On February 3, 2018, “China Blockchain Annual Ranking Ceremony in 2017–2018” was held in Shanghai. Kcash’s COO Fandi Meng gave a speech titled “Kcash, realistic payment scenario, makes your digital assets value-added”
2. Kcash founder, Xuejiao Zhu has accepted an interview of Huoxun Fiance and introduced technical feature and future development plan of Kcash
3. Kcash received the invitation from TokenSky committee to participate in the TokenSky block chain summit held in Seoul from March 14 to 15 to further promote the market layout of South Korea.
4. On February 8th, Kcash, as the official designated wallet, sponsored and promoted the block chain salon — the ONE community, Loopring, JINGTUM TECH & digital currency investment analysis exchange meeting.
Inland Community operation
Cooperated with “BTC-know” to organize an online event in community.
2. Invitation event of Kcash starts on 8 February, this event, 10 million KCASH will be released and it will continue to the end of month.
3. A 13-day event of Kcash red packet will start with Kcash wallet V 2.0, about concrete time, you can pay attention to Kcash official subscription account (KCASH-DY).
4. Community friendly promotion: supports Skcash to promote 666 hardsoft wallets.
Oversea Community operation
1. Followers of official Twitter are more than 1,600
2. Number of people in telegram group is more than 8000
3. Oversea volunteers begin promoting Kcash in Nigeria, Indonesia, etc…
4. Kcash wallet has been listed on Cryptocompare website.

Notice of Big Event
1. Development of wallet V2.0 has been finished, will be released soon
2. Event of red packet during the Spring Festival is coming!

Official website:


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Re: Kcash项目周报-20180202期
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