Author Topic: Achain Weekly Report-2018.0413  (Read 1034 times)

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Achain Weekly Report-2018.0413
« on: April 16, 2018, 10:52:35 AM »
Dear Achainers:

This is what we've been up to this week.


Cooperation with the Avatar Network, strategy and partners include: FSG, FESCO,CiiC.

  • Development of python version testing tools.
  • Launched test chains for enthusiasts in the community.
  • Tested and optimized contract execution performance.
  • Provided technical support for Achain projects and exchanges.
Achain Wallet:

Redesigned the Achain Lite wallet (optimized the user interface and added some new features).

  • The 2nd snapshot of the 3rd phase of the loyalty program was completed (4,395 addresses and 79,323,682.40585 ACT in total).
  • Participated in the Korea Blockchain Incubator Conferenceā€Š(Incublock).
  • Organized small gatherings for Korean volunteers.
  • Attended Blockchain Summit Delhi 2018.
  • An Indonesian community group was established.
  • Prepared for a meeting with developers and investors in the Silicon Valley community.

Previous view: Achain Weekly Report-2018.04.08

Thanks & Regards
Achain Team
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Re: Achain Weekly Report-2018.0413
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2018, 07:52:56 PM »
Have people recived act for the lock up program, I have a ammount on my wallet and i sent 1 act to the address.
So my question is have i done something wrong and people have recived their act, or do this come a later time????