Author Topic: Achain Weekly Report-2018.06.01  (Read 856 times)

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Achain Weekly Report-2018.06.01
« on: June 11, 2018, 05:05:43 PM »
Dear Achainers:

Two more contracts have been added, bringing us to a total of 125.Let's see what we have done last week.

Business Development
  • Achain established a partnership with SEVA to use blockchain technology to create TimeBanks, an American time value platform.
  • ACT is now trading on Indodax, the largest exchange in Indonesia.
  • ACT is now trading on BitInka, the largest exchange in Latin America.
  • ACT is now trading on India’s Exchange, Koinex.

Core Development
  • Studied mainstream cross-chain mechanisms (Notary schemes, Side-chains/relays, Hash-locking) and prepared design ideas.
  • Finished the compilation process of the Glua contract.
  • Logged additional LVM journals.
  • Improved the Lite Wallet and tested new features.

  • The UI version of the Lite Wallet has been completed and released to the community. The wallet is expected to be updated for use next week.

  • The fifth snapshot of the fourth lock-up plan was completed: 5,702 active participants, and the total number of ACT was 100,236,770.
  • Achain attended Blockshow Europe, a blockchain event in Berlin, Germany.
  • Brazilian community representatives participated in the Blockspot Blockchain & Cryptoeconomics Conference. Achain also formally announced the launch of the Achain Latin American community development.
  • Achain U.S. community representatives attended the 2018 Global Token Galaxy Expo and introduced Achain to participating blockchain enthusiasts and investors.
  • Achain’s US office revealed that it has established a partnership with the influential platform to further enhance the Achain brand.

Previous view: Achain Weekly Report-2018.05.25

Thanks & Regards
Achain Team

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Re: Achain Weekly Report-2018.06.01
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