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Achain Bi-Weekly Report-2018.06.15
« on: June 20, 2018, 11:46:56 AM »
Dear Achainers:

The number of contracts on Achain is 130.Les's see what we have done last week.

Business Development
  • ACT will launch on the OOOBTC exchange next week.
  • Established a partnership with LanceChain to develop a 0% commission freelance hiring platform based on blockchain technology.
  • Reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Allcoin, where Allcoin will list all future Achain ecosystem projects.

Core Development
  • Began preparations for cross-chain functionality; initiated study of  the 0x Project and Interledger cross-chain protocols. Studied mainstream cross-chain mechanisms (Notary schemes, Side-chains/relays, Hash-locking) and prepared design ideas.
  • De-bugged Lite Wallet for official release.
  • Added LNT and ECT to asset pipeline.
  • Performed Github and community maintenance.
  • Added address list and rankings to the Achain browser/block explorer.
  • Completed analysis of “key processing” process code.

  • Released Lite Wallet 2.0.0, now available for download from the official website.
  • Deployed the Lite Wallet price list server.

  • The third snapshot of the fifth phase of the lock-in plan was completed with 5,978 active participants and 103,535,078 ACTs committed to the loyalty program.
  • On June 14th, 2018, Huobi and Achain co-sponsored the "Block Chains" event and  - stop No. 6 on this mobile roadshow was held at Achain headquarters. Accompanied by Achain's product and technology leaders, Achain founder Cui Meng met with a diverse group of attendees
  • Along with representatives from Indodax exchange, Indonesian Community Representatives Fahmi, Yuehai, Merlina led a meeting for investors and developers.
  • Indian community volunteer Prasenjeet hosted a  Meetup in Mumbai, India.
  • In collaboration with enterprises and groups including IBM and Penta, US community representatives launched the World Blockchain Hackathon in the Bay Area (USA), an event that will showcase Achain technology.
  • U.S. community representatives participated in CPC ( and communicated with  investors and projects in attendance.
  • U.S. community representatives participated in the Women in Fintech event at the Robinhood HQ in Menlo Park, California.
  • Achain was invited to the GBLS 2018 Global Sleepless Blockchain Leaders Summit and won the Most Promising Blockchain award. (
  • Achain’s Goopal Group was awarded a $12 million investment in A++.
  • Achain attended and presented at the “2018 Korea Blockchain” Conference. After the meeting, the Achain representative held a meet up for the conference attendees.
  • U.S. community representatives participated in the Blockchain for Social Impact meet-up and followed up on U.S. university blockchain technology cooperation related issues.
  • On June 6th, 2018, Achain founder Cui Meng announced his candidacy for the role of the “Huobi Chain” (Fire Coin) Global Leader.
  • The winning video entry of the Achain bounty campaign - "Achain Ecology is Everywhere” Click the link below to watch: (Source:

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Thanks & Regards
Achain Team
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