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Achain Bi-Weekly Report-2018.07.13
« on: July 16, 2018, 04:31:50 PM »
Dear Achainers:

The number of contracts on Achain is 136.

Business Development
  • We published WeatherBlock (WXB), which is the native utility currency for the WeatherBlock platform for decentralized commerce of peer-to-peer weather data exchange.
  • We published DesignerBlockChain, which will connect the worldwide designers by using Blockchain technology.
  • We published Exchange_Trading_Chain(YHC), which is a huge application scenario for international barter trade settlement and clearing. It will provide enterprises with improved transaction efficiency, allows users to enjoy value-added services and the voucher for exchange privileges.

Core Development
  • Developed an internal testing tool that can be applied to rapid testing and test efficiency has been greatly improved.
  • A new version of lite wallet has been released with fixed bugs
  • The refinement of the cross-chain solution is mainly implemented in three phases:
        1.Realize the value exchange in the Achain ecology
        2.Realizing value swaps beyond the Achain ecosystem
        3.Achieve cross-chain data interchange

  • Achain participated in the World Blockchain Conference • Wuzhen and won the “Annual Public Chain Award”.  Achain’s Founder Cui Meng gave a wonderful speech at the conference titled "How to create borderless blockchain ecology from singularity to galaxy".
  • Achain participated in the 2018 Techcrunch 2018 Summit • Hangzhou. Our founder Cui Meng discussed issues related to the blockchain and shared his understanding of the relationship between the internet and blockchain industry.
  • Cui Meng announced that the second phase of the interactive record has been published on the Achain platform.
  • The second snapshot of the sixth Loyalty Program is completed. The number of participants is 6099 with an aggregated amount is 106,695,486 ACT.
  • The third snapshot of the sixth phase of Loyalty Program is completed. The number of participants is 6,165 with an aggregated amount of 108,567,986 ACT.
  • Achain participated in the Blockchain Fair in Amsterdam where Achain marketing director Edward Yang gave a speech titled “The Gardener of Blockchain World” at the meeting.
  • Achain hosted a developer conference in Bali, Indonesia
  • On June 26, 2018, Achain India team held an interesting selfie contest at the Blockchain Summit in Hyderabad where lots of fans enthusiastically took part.
  • Achain’s Founder Cui Meng was invited to participate in the “Investor Speaking” project in the “Direct contact with Market” column of Shanghai's first financial economics, and was interviewed on the spot to explain the impact of blockchain on everyday life in the future.

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Thanks & Regards
Achain Team