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ABTC fork scheme
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:17:39 PM »

1. What is ABTC?
In order to solve the problem of BTC network congestion and enhance the market competitiveness of Bitcoin, by using the RDPoS mechanism of Achain, we will be fork in the height BTC 498888 and the ACT 1498888. Which will form a chain based on DPOS consensus mechanism. The BTC holder gets ABTC according to 1:100, and the ACT holder gets ABTC by 1:1. The total initial distribution of ABTC is about 2.6 billion, as the reward for making a chain for us, the figure will increase 20 million in next decade.

2. Characteristics and advantages of ABTC
Consensus mechanism: The use of RDPoS can separate the voting rights from accounting rights.
Chain making speed: 10s a chain
Intelligent contract: Acceptable for intelligent contracts that have Turing-complete
Network throughput: 1000TPS
Cross-chain transactions: Having support from VEP

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