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Achain Weekly Report-2018.03.09
« on: March 09, 2018, 06:30:52 PM »
Dear Achainers,

The Achain Loyalty Program has started for a week and the first snapshot was taken. We’re very glad to have the support of nearly 3,000 people. To participate, please see official page for the Achain Royalty Program at

Now, let’s have a glance of Achain's latest news:

Business Development:
  • Attended and sponsored the Vietnam Blockchain Week, discussed different topics with other participants and gave a wonderful speech on "The Ductility of Blockchain” at Ho Chi Minh City on March 7-8, 2018, which improved Achain's influence and awareness within Southeast Asia.
  • Achain reached strategic cooperation with AKTV in Korea.

  • Developed Achain Wallet Lite version. The core code was complete, and the test is about to be expanded.
  • Developed the local transaction buffering function and debugged.
  • Analysed the code of the batch transaction and the block transaction synchronization.
  • Provided technical support to Achain projects and exchanges.

Achain Wallet:
  • Completed the test for Multi-asset function of the Achain wallet.

Community Management:
  • First snapshot of Achain Loyalty Program finished with 2,821 participants and 58,825,688.30085 ACT tokens in total.
  • Meet-up in Ho Chi Minh City and organized core volunteer team in Vietnam.
  • Reached agreement with a marketing firm in Vietnam with more upcoming details under negotiation.
  • Selecting location for Achain House in Silicon Valley, California.
  • Prepare for TokenSky conference which will be held in Seoul, Korea.

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Thanks & Regards
Achain Team
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