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Achain Weekly Report-2018.0420
« on: April 24, 2018, 10:05:59 AM »
Dear Achainers:

Time flies, let's take a look at what we achieved in the past week.

Business development:

We've started development of a global blockchain service serving the global real estate sector in cooperation with GHC(Global House Chain) using Achain technology.

  • Developed Python versions of testing tools.
  • Prepared training speeches for the GeekAcademy Platform.
  • Merged the Achain’s Github Windows / Linux version code base.
  • Tested and upgraded third-party dependent libraries.

  • Fixed bugs found in the Achain Wallet lite release and released version 1.0.2.
  • The new version of Achain Wallet lite is planned and ready for development.

  • The third snapshot of phase 3 in the lock-up plan was completed: with 4529 participants, and a total of 80,956,793.28828 ACT.
  • Achain attended the World Blockchain Forum Dubai World Blockchain Forum and reached cooperation intentions with developers, foundations, exchanges, and media.
  • Achain alongside ABitChain participate in Shanghai Gopher Assembly, the founder of Achain-Cui Meng was speaking at the Congress, and introduced the concept of the development of Achain.
  • The Achain Silicon Valley community reached many cooperation intentions with local U.S. universities, media, and exchanges, and the work has been progressing steadily.
  • The Achain Indian community held a developer and investor meeting in India. The business representative Dane participated and communicated with local communities and exchanges, which greatly improved the visibility and influence of Achain in India.
  • The Achain Indonesian community was set up and the first developer and investors met in preparation for the meeting.
  • The Achain Korean community signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a Korean marketing company.
  • The work of the Achain Vietnamese community has advanced steadily. The Vietnamese telegram group has reached 4,500.
  • Achain's global community is gradually increasing.

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Thanks & Regards
Achain Team