Author Topic: Achain monthly report (2017.11.01~2017.11.30)  (Read 1040 times)

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Achain monthly report (2017.11.01~2017.11.30)
« on: December 07, 2017, 05:15:09 PM »
Deal all,

The past month meant a lot for Achain.

The most important thing was technical upgradation of LVM, it was going on wheels, we just spent 2 months to complete most of refactor work such as contract compiling, contract registering, contract upgradation etc. We were glad to see that the LVM and chain would start test on December. At the same time, Achain provided new features aiming to enhance user experience, like off-line signature and contract balance query.

Tony, the founder of Achain, showed all of us the future of blockchain - a boundless bloclchain reality. As this blueprint, we will go through 3 stages to achieve this goal, from Singularity, Galaxy, to the end - Cosmos. Now we are standing in a certain position between stage 1 and stage 2. Thanks to the Blockshow, we are able to announce the forking theory to the public. which was inspired by the Darwin's theory of evolution. Fortunately, we found numbers of collaborators with same interest and built cooperations with them energetically, such as iCenter, Pundi X, ASCC, etc.

In addition, there were more work under the blueprint. More details are as below.

Monthly progress´╝Ü
01. Achain announced the Forking Theory on the Blockshow event, Singapore.
02. The development of LVM was almost completed.
03. Upgraded USC-contract and released a new contract named as AUC.
04. Achain wallet upgraded to version V1.0.7, also the Mac version was under development.
05. New website was launched, with refreshing experience, more details of Achain's roadmap;
06. Released new version browser providing query for contracts and account balance.
07. New version whitepaper including Eng edition and Chs edition was released.
08. 5 technical meetups were hosted.
09. ACT was launched on U-coin, Ourdax and OKEX exchange.
10. Established cooperation with the DACA, Android Studio Chinese Community, iCenter and Pundi X.

Ahead of road:
1. Test the LVM.
2. Establish standard of contract coding.
3. Release the Mac version wallet.
4. Engage in collaboration with more overseas Cryptocurrency Exchange.
5. Explore business applications by cooperation with companies and agencies.
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