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Achain - A smart contract platform for enterprise-class DAPP
« on: October 27, 2017, 02:24:36 PM »
quote auther:kernighan

Achain is a simple, efficient, and secure blockchain platform. Users can use Achain to quickly deploy digital assets, smart contracts and other enterprise level decentralized applications.
After two years of development, Achain gained market recognition as the leading platform of digital asset issuance. Its unique RDPOS (Result Delegated Proof of Stake) distributed consensus mechanism implements a complete Turing smart contract, a virtual machine aprooved with intellectual property rights. Achain’s performance on the chain can be as phenomenal as 1000TPS (transactions per second).
Achain can create and run smart contracts, issue various types of digital assets. It is thus applied to the fields of copyright protection, certificates of evidence, etc.


【September 21, 2017】All you want to know about Achain, a popular blockchain in China:

Founder of Achain

Tony Cui
- President and founder of Beijing Goopal Technology Co., Ltd.
- Listed as one of the Outstanding Entrepreneurs Under the Age of 30 by the famous venture capital magazine "CYZONE"
- Awarded with Top 100 technology awards by the World famous technology business magazine Red Herring global
- Interviewed by mainstream media such as CCTV and Xinhua News Agency
- Entrepreneurial resources / Internet resources

Core Advantages of Achain

A. Outstanding blockchain technology
Won the first prize of China Blockchain Innovative Application contest. The event was organized by Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance and supported by the Network Security Bureau, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, the National Internet Emergency Center, and the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences. Tsinghua University Internet Industry Research Institute, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company Electric Power Research Institute, Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., IBM (China) Co., Ltd. also involved in co-organization.
Won the first prize of China Blockchain Development Contest, which was guided and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Standardization Administration, the Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Commission, Zhejiang Xiaoshan District government. Organized by Wanxiang Group and Ant Financial.
The above awards are the most influential blockchain awards received in China, which is here to reflect Achain’s rigorious technology.

B. Smart Contract of new generation
- A smart contract platform that can implement 100% path coverage testing on the official public chain with zero cost.
- An enterprise level platform that can upgrade the smart contracts with limited and supervised authorization.
- An efficient smart contracts VM supported by multiple languages.
Achain upgraded based on smart contract 1.0 and thus made major improvements in terms of concurrency, functionality, and accessibility. Developers of all levels can easily learn to navigate on the Achain platform.

C. The world's first RDPOS consensus agreement
Achain respond to the enterprise level multiple demand with full flexibility. Clients can not only choose from RDPOS, DPOS, POS, LPOS, PBFT and other consensus mechanisms, but also adopt ECC Encryption Algorithm or Domestic Cipher Algorithm independently.

D. Modular design, arbitrary combination
Depending on the state of package result transaction (ie. R-Result) at the time of production block node, RDPOS determines if the verification is conducted by agency or by all the nodes. This ensures an efficient verification process regardless of the various application scenarios.
Achain borrows the idea of the modular pattern commonly used in traditional Internet products to apply to the making of blockchain. This allows more developers to participate in its community. Developers are rewarded by providing abundant modules, which can be seen as small pieces of building blocks on the chain. In the future, more developers will be able to use these building blocks to build smart contract better and faster.

Technical characteristics of Achain
A. Distributed Consensus of RDPOS
The difference between RDPOS and DPOS is based on the party which performs the validation of the execution of smart contract. DPOS uses a correspondent node to perform smart contract in order to compare with the execution of the production block node. RDPOS will dynamically determine, according to the state of the result transaction (for example, R-Result) at the time of the package of production block node, whether smart contract should be verified by a correspondent node or all nodes. For a specific smart contract, for example, if the execution of smart contract requires a long period of time, and if the capacity of the internal state of smart contract allows, different strategies should be adopted to facilitate the rapid verification of smart contract. Besides, in case of unpackaged transaction resulting from the oversized result of smart contract, the block-generation node will only package the result transaction Hash, so that all modes can automatically engage in the verification.
B. 1000TPS Transaction Performance on the Chain

C. Smart Contract Sandbox
Achain provides a “sandbox mechanism”, a full-featured simulator. It permits users to access all the chain functions and easily verify their contracts - without spending tokens. This feature not only significantly reduces users’ cost of testing their contracts but also prevents potential unqualified contracts from being introduced onto the chain.
D. Event Notification Mechanism
An effective communication and feedback mechanism is particularly crucial to maintaining the ties between events on the blockchain and those in real life. Achain’s Event Notification mechanism allows for seamless data communications and interactions for this purpose.
E. Upgradable Smart Contract
Detect and compensate for the existing bugs in the contract with limited and supervized authorization.
F. Cross-chain Value Gateway
In order to ensure the transmission of values and information in between the blockchains, Achain has designed a cross-chain gateway to allow the transmission of value and information to other blocks conformed to the specification. This avoids potential isolation of any blockchains.

Projects based on Achain
Achain mainnetwork has run formally since July 22, 2017. Many projects, such as Kcash, OurDax, Coinfix, SimonsChain, Linkeye, Blackstone, and other projects are developed on Achain, and even 30 more assets will be launched in future.
Achain blockchain browser supports multi-assets display and provides a rich API interface. Developer wallet and mobile wallet are already made available for downloads from the official website.

ACT Trade information:
ACT was once listed on exchanges:JUBI (、VPdax (、Ourdax (

Achain raised 2189.047 BTC and 10436.34 ETH in 61 seconds at July 7, 2017.  The ICO price: 1BTC=100,000ACT.
There are totally one billion ACT and 300 million in circulation.
In the first week of transaction, the ADTV (Average Daily Trading Volume) of ACT was around  $45.45million, and was about $22.7 million afterwards.
Total peak market cap: $682
(According to the transaction information on JUBI from August 17th ~ August 31th)
Where to trade now:

Other Information
Achain Blockchain Browser:
Wallet Download Address:
Wallet PRC Interface Document:

Achain Community


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Re: Achain - A smart contract platform for enterprise-class DAPP
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good job!kernighan and Rocket 8)


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Re: Achain - A smart contract platform for enterprise-class DAPP
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